This is the login landing page for INSTITUTION of INDIAN MATHEMATICIANS (Ahmedabad contact education center)

URGENT PUBLIC NOTICE: dt. 23.March.2020

1) Due to COVID-19 virus outbreak, all conferences and on-site contact classes of IIMA are cancelled till further notice.

2) The Managing Council of IIM (Ahmedabad contact education center) is in process of arranging for suitable web platform for conducting classes in on-line mode so classes can resume.

3) The MOODLE(s) are disabled w.e.f 23.March.2020. Home page is also disabled till further notice.

NB: We are not connected to any other organization styled as IIM Ahmedabad or suchlike and we have no branches. Do not be confused, this is website of INSTITUTION of INDIAN MATHEMATICIANS (Ahmedabad contact education center).

The INSTITUTION of INDIAN MATHEMATICIANS is a prestigious national institution for virtual environment cutting-edge research in the areas of Theoretical Computer Science, Theoretical Physics, and pure Mathematics.